Passenger EV Solutions

With continuous efforts in the development of batteries with higher energy density and charging rates, Hastin’s Batteries pack in more range in the same form factor with super fast charging.

Commercial EV Solutions

Our offerings for Commercial EV’s are engineered to enable back to back trips and maximum life cycle thereby giving a lower cost of ownership, maximum return on investment and greater haulage.

Heavy Equipment Solutions

Our Immersion Cooled Batteries unlocks greater peak performance along with the aid of advanced cooling system design that manages high heat & torque thus allowing longer operation hours and better throughput.

Energy Storage Solutions

With the increasing shift towards renewable energy sources, our storage solutions are designed to offer 25+ years of life with flexible load capabilities and carbon neutral footprint.

Telecom ESS

Our Backup solutions are designed to be deployed in all weather conditions with zero maintenance and long lasting reliability.

Drone Solutions

Hastin’s Smart Batteries for Drones are engineered to maximize energy density in a compact and lightweight offering with rugged and peak performance capabilities.

Robotics Solutions

Our batteries provide an efficient and compact power source, well-suited for prolonged operations, ensuring sustained power for autonomous and remotely operated robots.